Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club

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The Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club has a long history in the city of Peterborough dating back to April 30, 1901 when a large number of citizens organized the Club. The original location was the north east corner of Simcoe and Aylmer Streets, with seven rinks available for play.

In 1904 the plot of land was sold in order to build the YWCA and the Club relocated to the corner of Brock and Aylmer Streets. The area is presently Fleming Park. The Club remained there for 25 years.

Eventually the Club purchased the area of the present Club between McDonnel and Walnut Streets, in two parcels. The first parcel, being 300 X 200 was purchased in the fall of 1928 from Mr. David Hatton. The original Clubhouse was built and the first meeting in this Clubhouse was held on May 6, 1930. Additional land was later purchased from Mr. Hatton, and the property then comprised 18 lots with three greens of eight rinks each.

Our motto is “Proud of our Past, Building our Future”.

The members of our Club enjoy a choice of 5 leagues, during the day or evenings, as well as 4 Local Club Tournaments and 15 Tournaments open to any Ontario Lawn Bowling Association member during the season.

The Lawn Bowling season begins in May and finishes late September or early October.

Construction of our new McDonnel St. Activity Centre, which we share with the Whitlaw Mariners Seniors Club, started in September, 2010 and the original Clubhouse was moved to Nicholls Oval in 2011 to become the new home of the Peterborough Pagans Rugby Club.

For more information on Lawn Bowling please contact:

Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club
705-874-1301 or email cheryl.msac@cogeco.net